When he was younger, a bright-eyed and innocent Jon opened a box holding the NES. A few rounds of Duckhunt later, Jon never looked back. His favored genres are RPG, platform, and adventure. Jon is the founder of GamersUnanimous.
Ryan is a numbers-guy, but gaming is his second love. Numbers are not his first. His first love remains a secret. It may be movies. Ryan co-hosts many of the podcasts with Jon and Wes, and often brings the beers.
MegaMan X was Wes's first gaming love, but not in a sexual way. After the thousands of hours he's logged on Pokémon, he can confirm Ditto is useless, except for breeding. In his spare time, Wes reads science-fiction and fantasy and is currently working on his first novel. He is involved in almost every aspect of GamersUnanimous.
While growing up, Jeremy remembers watching Jon play video games, particularly Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Grey Wolf, which is still a fantastic game. Jeremy is a frequent guest on the podcasts, and is involved with GamersUnanimous in a technical way. He co-costs Original Sidescrollers with Wes.